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Mother and Daughter Love

Emotion, childhood, and minorities in the archaeological research seminar

August 4–5 2023 
University of Oulu

Our emotional bonds with other people are fundamental in terms of the way we interact in the world. Our social actions are often affected by the decisions made based on emotions. During recent years, we have deployed the framework of theory of attachment familiar from developmental psychology to address the impact of relationships and their dysfunctions on past people – and through the intergenerational nature of these issues, even on the current generations. For example, trauma faced by an ancestral group or the dismissal experienced by socially marginalized individuals may have an impact on individuals’ ability to form secure relationships which often influences not only themselves but the upcoming generations. Archaeological research of emotional bonds is not limited to people, but humans also get attached to items and places. While such bonds may be a source of comfort, they can be used to substitute human interactions and lead to adverse outcomes (e.g., hoarding). In this seminar we will invite short presentations to discuss how we can research emotions, attachments, and social bonds in general in archaeology, but specifically in the contexts when children and minorities are involved. How we attach with other people is influenced by our childhood experiences and for this reason, views on the past childhood may be considered central for understanding these phenomena.

We have invited Taryn Bell from the University of York to discuss the topic with us. Together with her we have edited a book “Archaeologies of Attachment”. 
In the seminar we will also summarize our own work in the Academy of Finland funded projects.
If you would be interested in joining us in Oulu, and would like to present your own work related to the subject, please send us a title and an abstract through this form by May 26. Those not presenting can register later.
If you are interested in only participating as a listener and discussing with us, send us your information using the same form. The number of participants will be limited. We will contact you as soon as the program is finished and ask for further information. 
Coffee, snacks, lunches and dinner in Hailuoto on Friday evening will be provided for the participants. The excursion to Hailuoto is also included in the seminar participation.  
We will not pay for the travels to and from Oulu or the hotel stays. 

Preliminary info for the excursion 
On Friday afternoon we will take a ferry and go to Hailuoto island that is known for its cultural heritage, maritime atmosphere, nature reserve areas, and beer. On the island we will visit a few local attractions and have dinner before taking the night ferry back to Oulu.  

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